Best Week Ever

Adventures, Inspiration, Wanderlust Jul 27, 2015

Is anyone else wondering where half the year has gone?  I swear we were just celebrating Easter and Valentine’s day and now we’re pratically to Halloween.  I don’t know about all of you but this year has been a crazy ride…  I’ve been keeping beautifully busy with travel and work and friends and life, beautiful […]


Adventures, Inspiration, Wanderlust Jul 16, 2015

HOMIELOVERFRIENDS.  I wouldn’t be lying if I called this post the BEST MONTH EVER.  Seriously.  From Bali to the premier of my latest movie, “LOVE SUCKS“, to going to Kenya on safari to a quick trip to Singapore… life has been exciting & exhilarating & revealing & just… magical lately.  I feel like I’ve been […]


Love Sucks official trailer

Life in Motion, Uncategorized Jun 8, 2015

It’s here it’s here! The official trailer for LOVE SUCKS with English subtitles is now in theaters and online. Yikes! Hope you all like it (: This is definitely a different role than any i’ve ever played….



Adventures, Inspiration, Style Jun 2, 2015

Hot Damn.  The days just keep on sneaking by me.  It’s been an incredible 2 weeks both online and in real life. Press is going hard and strong for Love Sucks (@lovesucks.themovie on Instagram) – in theaters June 25th here in Thailand! And don’t worry we’re working on getting it overseas too.  Anyone got any […]


Love it or leave it. 

Inspiration May 28, 2015

I’m not a long term planner really.  Life has been far too unpredictable for me to really lay down a 5 year plan at any point- heck I can’t even tell you where I’ll be in 5 months let alone 5 years from now- but that has never stopped me from making plans & goals […]

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