Nutella Mug Cake

Edibles Feb 6, 2016

Guys. I’m slipping. Seriously. I lived my life all day today like it was any other ordinary day. Nothing special, just lived my life when all the while it’s been World Nutella Day all day! WHAT THE HECK?! I apologize for letting you all down. To make up for it, I immediately came home and […]

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Vanilla Jasmine Shortbread Cookies

Edibles Jan 31, 2016

HomieLoverFriends. I know butter is suppose to be bad for you. I know. I get it. But I’m not going to lie to you. I love it. I love it on bread, in my pasta, on my potatoes, and especially in my pastries. All pastries are not created equal. The ones with butter are better. […]


Fine Tune Your Focus

Inspiration Jan 26, 2016

I’m like hey, what’s up, hellooo 2016! Geez who knew we’d enter 2016 with FettyWap & the Beibs stuck in our heads? (Don’t lie, I know I’m not the only one!)… although if you honestly asked me, I kinda knew we’d all end up Beliebers eventually.  Thus, I am more surprised to be entering 2016 […]


PineappleCoconut Paleo Bars

Edibles Jan 22, 2016

It’s January 2016 & resolutions are flying around left & right. Some of you are trying new workouts or hobbies or trying to quit a bad habit & pick up a new better habit. A bunch of my girlfriends are resetting their diets with a month long challenge of the Whole30 diet. They’re doing so […]

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2016 Reading Challenge

Inspiration Jan 18, 2016

I’ve been a bookworm for as long as I can remember – I asked my parents, teachers, & family, to read to me relentlessly until I was able to read on my own. Once I was able to get through a book on my own, nothing in print was safe around me. I packed 2-3 […]

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