Best Week Ever

Adventures, Inspiration, Wanderlust Jul 27, 2015

Is anyone else wondering where half the year has gone?  I swear we were just celebrating Easter and Valentine’s day and now we’re pratically to Halloween.  I don’t know about all of you but this year has been a crazy ride…  I’ve been keeping beautifully busy with travel and work and friends and life, beautiful […]


Adventures, Inspiration, Wanderlust Jul 16, 2015

HOMIELOVERFRIENDS.  I wouldn’t be lying if I called this post the BEST MONTH EVER.  Seriously.  From Bali to the premier of my latest movie, “LOVE SUCKS“, to going to Kenya on safari to a quick trip to Singapore… life has been exciting & exhilarating & revealing & just… magical lately.  I feel like I’ve been […]



Adventures, Edibles, Inspiration, Style, Wanderlust Apr 6, 2015

Here we are again at the end of a busy but beautiful week & here’s a quick round up of things in my Universe this BEST WEEK EVER I just finished reading ESSENTIALISM by Greg McKeown & i promise you, no matter where you are in life or what you do, you need to read […]


Island View Hawai’i

Adventures, Wanderlust Jun 20, 2014

Hawai’i is home away from home for me.  Always has been.  We’ve been spending summers there since I was a little girl, endless tan lines, bare feet, sand everywhere.  And loving it.  To say I’m a beach girl is putting it lightly.  To say I love a good adventure is the greatest understatement of the […]


California Dreaming

Adventures, Wanderlust Mar 18, 2014

I may have traveled the world, been to over 20 countries, and lived in a handful more than my peers, but no matter what, I know I am a California Girl at heart.  I am so fortunate to call so many places home and consequentially  I get homesick for so many different places… as I […]

california dreaming
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